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Natural whooping cough treatment

Natural whooping cough treatmentWhooping cough (also known as pertussis) is an infectious disease, and usually, children suffer from it. However, in recent years, the number of patients has increased, even among adults. In these cases, if the disease is not immediately diagnosed, it can lead to chronic problems. We will find here about natural whooping cough treatment.

The folk remedy is following: take the medium sized garlic head, tear off 5-6 cloves, crush it into a pestle or finely chop.
Pour a glass of fresh unpasteurized milk on the garlic and leave it shortly to boil. Drink in the morning, before each meal and in the evening.

There are many stories about the therapies against a whooping cough with garlic help, like natural whooping cough treatment.

Until the 1st World War, a whooping cough was considered particularly severe illness. The children were dying from it (today it happens rarely). The child was choking, there was no means to aid, and people waited for the worst.

One woman came to the hospital at a well-known doctor and suggested that the clove of garlic be hung on the child’s throat, and when the child falls asleep, the clove is brought closer to his nose. The next day the child was better.

Then nobody could explain what happened, but now we realize that the disinfectant elements of garlic started to fight the infection, so they took the first victory the following day.

Second natural whooping cough treatment recipe

Clean the garlic cloves, crush them to obtain a uniform mass. At the same time grease your feet with unsalted pork fats and greasy cream. Put crushed garlic on your feet, wrap your towel over it and leave it to work overnight.
The surprise is that the next morning, a breath of patients smells on garlic, but that’s not the most important thing. It is important that there is a great relief to the affected person.

Interestingly, in the 1950s in the USA, which has its own healers, and of course garlic, decided to check how effective garlic is when it comes to micro bacteria. They put 30 different bacteria in a special glass and add garlic. The result was out of all expectations: all 30 species were destroyed!

This means that garlic, more precisely all garlic preparations, can be a good substitute for iodine. Just be careful because the garlic causes irritation to the skin.
For the cuts, it is also good the wine of garlic and thickly cooked teas, as well as garlic vinegar.

Garlic – excellent remedy

Knowing these features of garlic, Albert Schweitzer used it in his practice. He is a well-known organist, music historian, philosopher, and physician. He traveled to Africa to treat patients free of charge. There was not enough medicine in the hospital. Schweitzer successfully applied garlic to the treatment of typhoid and cholera.

It is important especially that garlic excellently treats gastric disorders and even dysentery. If you eat a few cloves of garlic every day, you can cure many gastroenterological diseases (diarrhea, gas, loss of appetite). Garlic is also excellent in the treatment of dysentery, as Schweitzer proved among other things, in the African hospital.

It is interesting to note today that some pediatricians recommend garlic preparations to children who suffer from dysbacteriosis or inability to digest vegetable proteins.
In small doses, garlic facilitates the disease and treats gastrointestinal diseases that often hit the children.

Garlic against intestinal parasites

It is important to note that garlic is not only a powerful agent against intestinal diseases but is also a powerful rescuer against many intestinal parasites.
Garlic is successful against intestinal parasitic worms (roundworms and tapeworms).
For this purpose, garlic capsules are taken 3-5 times a day, and traditional therapy can be practiced – fresh garlic, teas, and extracts, garlic wine, and syrup. With continuous use of garlic preparations the possibility of getting sick from intestinal parasites is flat zero.

Except for natural whooping cough treatment, the garlic proved to be an excellent remedy against infections: flu, angina, and colds. Since these diseases are most prevalent, we will talk about them in a separate post.

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