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Liver cleanse

liver cleanseThis organ is extremely important for health and deserves special attention. Can we talk about the organism cleanse without talking about how to do the liver cleanse? Nowadays doctors never prescribe strong medicines until they find out in what condition the liver is.

One organ can be cured but if liver damage is done – then everything is failed – complete treatment should be renewed or treatment will be prolonged. As you may know, the liver is the key to our health because it manages the proper balance of the collection and expulsion of harmful substances and elements.

The liver is the first to signal that your body is extremely exerting and that it does not respond well to fatty, acidic and hot irritating products. The liver from time to time requires a moderate, relieving diets, and at the same time will create many inconveniences for those who have not think about a proper diet or product choice.

The thing is devastating, so here’s the garlic as the first assistant. In 1985, the Japanese medical journal published data obtained through numerous experiments. Sulfur-containing vegetables, sulfur compounds, positively affect the liver, keeping it from the effects of chemical toxic substances and harmful bacteria.

Once again, should be repeated

Plants that contain sulfur: garlic, horseradish, mustard, onions, leek, cabbage, cauliflower (it is advised to eat fresh). Just in the fresh cauliflower, we find the substances that are necessary for liver purification and its flawless work.

Cooked cauliflower loses many of its useful substances and has little or no use for the organism. Japanese especially emphasize garlic, comparing its strength only with ginseng. Ginseng also cures suffering, sadness, and there are even tales that ginseng returns youth. And yes, ginseng is appreciated as gold, and garlic that is compared with this root grows wherever you want it, is not demanding and gives great fruits.

Ginseng treated a man of all illnesses. But garlic provides a much different chemical formula and higher sulfide content, which may provide for a shade of smaller activity, but greater purification efficiency.
Not in vain, the old people advised when somebody complained of pain underneath the ribs. And you chew the clove of garlic and it will ease your pain. They ate. And they healed. And they left the garlic in reserve – maybe they will need it.

Tea for liver cleanse

In a half-liter jug or thermos bottle. Put two tablespoons of butter, one spoonful of lemon juice and also a lime juice. Add a crushed garlic clove and 250ml of hot water. Mix and stir well and drink at one gulp.
To fight liver pain. It is good to use garlic extract, capsules, juices, oil, syrups, and tablets, as well as garlic vinegar and garlic liqueur.
Here we will mention the poisoning. It is precisely the liver who takes on the basic role in similar situations. And it suffers much more than other organs. It turned out that only one clove of garlic was throwing out of the body lead, mercury, cadmium, and other poisonous metals.

Superfood for clean and healthy liver

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