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Juice of Garlic

juice of garlicThis recipe is simple but very effective. Juice of Garlic, plantain, and honey taking two times per day by next schedule: First five days – 10 drops of garlic juice at once. Second five days – 20 drops of garlic juice at once. Third five days – 30 drops of garlic juice at once. And so on, increasing the dose every 5 days for 10 drops. Gradually the dose can be increased to one spoon. You should drink garlic juice with the plantain juice, and in half an hour you should take a spoonful of honey. Taking this dose should continue for a certain time. It should then be gradually reduced and returned to the original 10 drops. After that, you should stop drinking the garlic juice, and continue to drink the plantain juice during the one year.

This recipe is not a drug but is an excellent supplement to chemotherapy. It improves the condition of the patient and increases the resistance of the organism.
All the characteristics of garlic and Allixin in it are the base for the physician’s recommendations. Special attention should be paid to those who are in daily contact with the technique, ionizing radiation, and radiation. They should include garlic in the menu necessarily.

The last element in garlic that we will mention is – Ajoene. From a medical point of view, this is a very important compound discovered by US and Venezuelan scientists. In the beginning, this discovery was kept secret. Experiments have shown that this compound can prevent the creation of a thrombus. After its discovery and laboratory experiments that ended in the late 80s of the 20th century, This compound has also been started to use in the known medical preparations recommended for thrombophlebitis and thrombosis. This incredible compound is also fighting against fungal illnesses and even against malicious excrescence. Of course, it is not a cancer drug. But the use of Ajoene is recommended in the treatment and prevention of colon, skin and stomach cancer.

How to Prepare Garlic balm

Liquid garlic balm is very good for rubbing in and hot compress. It can be used in skin diseases and muscular strains. This is how it is preparing: 5-7 large garlic cloves clean and squash. Transfer the resulting mixture into the glass pan and add two cups of apple cider vinegar and a half cup of vodka or brandy. Stir the mixture in the jar and leave it to stand for a few days in a cool place. Two weeks mix the mixture three times a day, then after two weeks, filter and add a teaspoon of eucalyptus oil. That is the way to get a great healing tool. I highly recommend you to have this marvelous balm in your house – it is a very efficient assistant in many diseases.

Garlic, Viburnum opulus “Roseum” with honey and propolis against skin cancer

This recipe is complex, so it is not necessary to wonder why garlic is present in its natural form – every three days you should eat three cloves of garlic, and three times a day take 40-50 drops of the 10% alcohol extract of propolis.
In addition, the mixture of Viburnum opulus juice and honey should be put on the diseased places, and it should be prepared in the following way:
– 200 ml fresh Viburnum opulus juice – to boil, leave it to stand for one hour, mix with 200g of heated honey.

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