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Garlic can improve skin tone, especially when the deterioration of the skin tone is caused by hard work, stress or illness.

Garlic Therapy to improve skin tone (nice skin tone)

how to improve skin toneTo prepare this mixture, it is necessary to clean the garlic head, pour 200g of white strong wine, put on light fire and cook for half an hour. Keep the mixture in a dark place at room temperature.

Take one teaspoon three times a day, half an hour before meals.

The therapy lasts 3-4 days. The therapy ends with taking the mixture of 50 grams of garlic and juice of three lemons. This juice of garlic and lemon should be taken – one teaspoon dissolved in one glass of water.

And now something about burns. There is the same problem as with infections. An open wound that appears beneath the blister, not only painful but dangerous, because the infection can penetrate through it in the organism. When this large surface festers, the body can not cope with the injury. The garlic is used in this case as a sulfur-containing preparation and as a source of allicin – antibiotics and its support also provide elements that allow for purification and regeneration of blood.

As noted, for garlic therapy for the beauty it is also associated with garlic against urticaria therapy. Garlic clove can reduce itching, and it also allows the healing of the ulcer. However, for the treatment of urticaria, like all skin diseases, garlic should not be used directly. It is more useful in such cases to use teas, cold extracts, juices, and balm – do not forget that garlic can cause skin irritation.

Garlic against fungal infections

It should also be mentioned that garlic wraps cure fungal infections that are otherwise difficult to cure. Fungal infections cause great panic because they usually appear on fingers on the feet, even on the hands. They look uncomfortable and very painful.
It is recommended to treat with garlic, but as with all these problems, external therapy should be supported by internal therapy – ie eating garlic. For this, it is good the garlic tea and the dense cooked juice. Such intensive therapy in the case of skin diseases usually gives excellent results for 3-4 days.

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