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Get rid of pimples fast

Get rid of pimples fastEach one of us has our own experience about the truthfulness of the saying that “beauty requires a sacrifice”. This folk wisdom is most noticeable in younger women and girls. Especially problematic are the pimples that make the girls are suffering a lot. But there is a way of rescuing of these ugly attacks. Of course, with garlic, you can get rid of pimples fast.



The old-fashioned way to get rid of pimples fast

Prepare a solution of eight parts of vodka (or brandy) and 1.5 parts of freshly crushed garlic. This mixture must be stored in a cool place, and before the use warm up the required amount to room temperature. The face covered with this mixture is recommended to cover it with a clean soft cloth.
Keep the mixture on your face until you feel the heat but not longer than 10 minutes.

The method of solving the pimples

This recipe is extremely good for the treatment of fever pimples. Each day, you should make a fresh porridge of several crushed garlic cloves and place it on your face. This mask should be held for 10 -15 minutes, not longer.
If your skin can not withstand such a strong mask, for example, if it is red or you feel pain, then stop this treatment and try the first pimple recipe.
Apart from that old recipe, modern doctors advise patients to regularly use garlic in the diet or to take a few drops or tablets of garlic preparations daily.

The mechanism of action of these preparations lies in the formula that garlic has a natural antibacterial effect. Of course, we also have dense syrup, teas and garlic balm that we apply to the problematic skin. But, the treatment to be effective, it is imperative to adhere to the therapeutic procedures – take garlic tea a few tablespoons a day. In that case, garlic will improve the metabolism process. It is exactly because of the metabolic disorders which appear to be pimples and sores.

Subcutaneous sores occur in children ages 12 to 16 years. There is nothing unusual about it – the organism enters the mature phase, the child is in puberty and matures as a man or a girl. New hormones, new elements are transformed into the metabolism process and “manifested” in a specific way
– by creating the sores, one or more.

Doctors have come a long time ago to the conclusion that the disease is attacking the whole organism, but manifests itself locally, in one place. So the treatment of ulcers should be accessed on both sides – improving metabolism, purifying blood, liver, kidneys and, on the other hand, healing the sores themselves that create pain and fatigue. Garlic is adequate for both sorts of healing treatments.

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