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Garlic home remedies

garlic home remedies

We talk here about garlic home remedies and recipes that should help in treating the colds and flu. Garlic has shown promise as a treatment for preventing colds and also the respiratory disorder. Studies have shown that garlic reduces the danger of becoming sick in the 1st place, also how long you stay sick. If you regularly get sick with a cold or influenza, consumption of garlic will help cut back your symptoms or stop your sickness entirely. Bellow are some recipes of garlic home remedies, hope it will be helpful. Here you can find some more recipes regarding breathing problems.

Garlic home remedies – Syrup

Place a half cup of purified and finely chopped fresh garlic in an enamel bowl and pour fresh dark honey. The garlic needs to be completely covered with honey. Then the bowl should be placed on a light fire and stir constantly for about twenty minutes until all the garlic is melted. Leave it to stand aside for a while and then put it back on fire and mix it continuously so that the syrup does not scorch. A little of distilled water may be added to the syrup. Put the strained syrup in the fridge and use it for a cough, laryngitis, tonsillitis, and pharyngitis, one spoon three times a day.

A garlic liqueur

The garlic liqueur is not difficult, it is effective and functional, and we are pleased to recommend it to everyone – how to sick and to healthy.
Pour in a transparent bottle, three glasses of quality black wine and add crushed garlic cloves (4-5 medium dimensions).
The bottle should be sealed with a cork plug and leave it in illuminated place for two weeks. Two times a day, the liquid needs to be shaken. After that time, strain the liqueur and pour into a dark bottle that needs to be closed properly.

The garlic liqueur has its own way of using:
I day – 2 drops
II Day – 4 drops
III day – 6 drops etc, each day by two drops more until it reaches the amount of 24 drops.
Then the number of drops should be reduced in the same order. When you get two drops a day, repeat the procedure.

Garlic and Honey against flu and colds

Mix the freshly chopped garlic with honey in a ratio of 1: 1 and drink with warm water, one spoonful of the mixture before bedtime and one teaspoon twice a day.

Conclusion: Garlic treats the cold, and all those who tried it were convinced in that because everyone was able to cure it. It all depends on how much you love it.
Do not put garlic juice in your nostrils because it will cause pain.
If you worry about the smell of garlic that will smell your kitchen, and perhaps your entire apartment in the active treatment of garlic, in that case, of course, choose less “smelly” recipes.

If you are interested in cold and flu prevention, then the syrup and garlic liqueur will be irreplaceable.
The secret of garlic is that he not only gives the body a whole set of microelements, vitamins, and metals but invites the organism to actively enter into reciprocal action with these elements. He works as a cleaner and as a perfect administrator. He who knows exactly where to turn to get the real result. In every garden, garlic can grow, but we use only 50%, if not 30%, of its fantastic properties.

Garlic against tonsillitis

Squash eight bigger cloves of garlic to the identical porridge. Then add 8 teaspoons of (wine)vinegar. Stir well and allow to stand overnight in the fridge. On the next day add 60 g of slightly warmed dark honey and mix again.
The method of use is as follows: In the mouth should be kept as long as it is possible two teaspoons of the prepared medium until completely dissolved. Then gently swallow the mixture in small sips.

Garlic against ear disease

If the ear is sick, apply a little garlic oil to the filter of cotton wool and place it in the ear as deep as possible. After that, the head should be wrapped with a warm towel. A bag with warmed wheat bran can also be put on the affected ear. Additionally, in large quantities, you should drink tea from a rosehip or chamomile.

Remedy against a cough

Put the finely chopped garlic (one head) to cook, into the fresh milk, until it softens completely. Mash it while in milk, add the mint juice and two tablespoons of linden honey. Take 1 spoon every hour throughout the day.

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