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Garlic healthy recipes must have

We will list some garlic healthy recipes whose efficiency should not be doubted.

Garlic oil, a contemporary recipe

garlic healthy recipesClean two heads of fresh garlic, chop finely and crush with a wooden pestle. Place the resulting mixture in a glass pan and pour over with olive oil (about half of the glass). Carefully stir, put the jar in a bright place and hold it there for a ten days. Two to three times a day the mixture should be stirred.

After ten days the oil should be carefully filtered, and add a drop of purified glycerin (can be bought in pharmacies), move into a bottle of dark color, well closed and store in the refrigerator.

Garlic oil can be used for ear inflammation, throat, and nose, as well as for itching. Oil cannot be used for more than two months and should be heated to 30 ° C when used. The fact that garlic and preparations on the base of garlic give the strength and are excellent as a preventative measure against the stress, was known a long time ago.

In 1991, a group of scientists succeeded in extracting the compound – Allixin from garlic. Additionally, it is surprising that Allixin is being processed in garlic more if garlic is chopped, minced or mashed. Allixin secretion is the response of garlic to physical influence. Allixin works great on the human organism. Its first feature is that it removes stress, more accurately, enables increased organism resistance. Another, but not less important, Allixin property is to preventively affect malignant tumors.

Garlic for tonsils

If you suffer from serious, severe cold, then it will certainly be useful if you squeeze some fresh garlic juice, apply it to the tip of your fingertips and smear it on the tonsils. Then you can do the same with the propolis drops. This medicine is exceptionally strong, but the result is quick and noticeable. Also, it is necessary to apply garlic juice carefully and maybe slightly dilute with hot water. This is a strong solution and can burn the mucous membrane.

Garlic with honey against flu and colds

Mix freshly grated garlic and honey in a ratio of 1: 1 and take one tablespoon before bed or one teaspoon twice a day.

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