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Garlic good for heart health

garlic good for heart healthHeart diseases nowadays give the most pain to humanity. Unfortunately, according to World Health Organization data, they are the cause of the greatest number of deaths. The heart should be guarded. We’ve already talked about a compound called Ajoene that was discovered not so long ago. We mentioned that it dilutes blood, prevents the creation of clots, thrombus. It’s about our heart, blood vessels, and how to fight against thrombophlebitis and sick veins. Is garlic good for heart health?

We all know we should eat low-cholesterol foods. Cholesterol is a sworn enemy of our body. It causes metabolism disorders, accumulating blood platelets in the blood vessels, the heart begins to work poorly, it is also possible to earn stenocardia, and about the thickness, we don’t have to even talk about.

Against this enemy, we should fight with the folk remedies – teas, herbal baths, and diets.
It is necessary to say that many housewives have acquired the habit of buying margarine with reduced cholesterol content, soups are filtered, and the first fatty water is throwing away. Strong soups are also preparing a lot less than before – there are more and more vegetable soups. We are started eating more and more vegetables.

Garlic good for heart health and has long been in the interest of not only by national healers but also by scientists. Mainly, the great number of the experiments were carried out with the aim of investigating the effect of garlic on the level of cholesterol in the blood. Finnish scientists have come to the conclusion that the most efficient means of using a mixture of garlic and wood resin. Cholesterol content, in this case, decreases by 12-20%.

Garlic as a blood vessel cleaner

Grate cleansed head of garlic and a well-washed lemon with the crust. Then mix garlic with lemon and pour with 0.5l cold, previously boiled water. Leave it to stand for 4 days and then filtrate it. Use tea for purifying – 2 spoonfuls in the morning.
When we mentioned cholesterol, we said that the body should be kept in order – clean it from clots and cholesterol deposits. It’s not just about beauty but also about the health.

Here is a recipe from our ancestors, they used it against stenocardia.

In the case of stenocardia attack

Put two cups of concentrated chicken soup into the bowl, put the chopped garlic head disjunct into the cloves. Cook on low heat for 15 minutes, then add two stalks of parsley leaves and crush all well. When finished, leave it to stand for 40 minutes.
That way the medicine is ready. It should be taken half an hour before meals.

Emergency aid in the event of a heart attack

If you feel the pain in your heart, swallow a little clove of garlic, do not chew (the clove must be whole).
This simple means will prevent a heart attack.

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