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Garlic against atherosclerosis

Garlic against atherosclerosisSquash a few heads of garlic to make 100g of porridge. Pour with 150g vodka or brandy. Leave in a dark place for at least two weeks. Filtrate. Take 25 drops, melt them in a quarter of a glass of milk, three times a day. This is how you use garlic against atherosclerosis. In order to increase the effect of garlic against atherosclerosis preparations on the blood vessels, it is advised to have a daily ten-minutes simple massage of hands. This massage is comfortable, can be done at work, on public transport, and of course in the home. But the benefits of that massage are enormous. Massage of hands have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and blood system, improves breathing and circulation, establishes balance and optimum rhythm of all organs, strengthens the entire body’s muscles.

Massage of hands

The fingers of both hands should be tightly intertwined so that the palms and fingers are directed toward the face. Lightly (with the effort) pull them to the opposite side, thus massaging your fingers until your hands are released. Repeat this exercise.

Hook your finger on one hand for the same finger of the other hand. Pull strongly until both fingers are separated into different sides. Repeat this exercise with each pair of fingers.

Massage the finger of each hand with the fingertips of the other hand, from top to root lightly and thoroughly, so that the pressure on each finger is evenly distributed.

Now for a moment, press the dimple between the forefinger and the middle finger firmly, putting on the groove between them the finger that is massaged. Gently pull your finger from the foothill to the root, simultaneously slightly twisting it.

After that, devote to the inner side of the fist. Massage it with your forefinger and thumb. Massage the palm of your hand with a thumb of your other hand. Vigorously massage the hill in the root of the thumb and in the root of the other fingers. Pay attention to all the tiny muscles between the bones, covering them from the beginning of the hand and to the fingers. During the massage, try breathing through your nose, light and still.

At the end of this article, we will say something about the water treatments. Because of the miracle of garlic, it cannot be circumvented even in this case. Garlic baths have been used for centuries. The old Romans used them as well as Mayans. It’s important to just pinpoint what kind of bath you need – cold or hot, and garlic tea is very easy to prepare.

Garlic tea for healing baths

On 10 liters of water, you will need 30 crushed garlic cloves. You need to pour ten liters of boiling water and leave them covered for 6-8 hours, then dilute with cold, hot or warm water, depending on what kind of bath you need.

Varicose veins treatment, garlic bath for legs

In varicose vein enlargement and elevated arterial pressure, baths with a contrasting water change from hot to very cold are recommended. Hold feet in a hot bath of garlic for two minutes, then put them in the cold water 30 seconds. Repeat the procedure several times (but in no case longer – this is a very active preparation!), and your last bath should be cold. Such contrasting baths can also be used for hands (they are simpler) which will help reduce arterial pressure.


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