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You can help yourself with this garlic poultice recipe when you experience the pain of muscle and joint inflammation:

Garlic poultice recipe

garlic poultice recipeTake five large garlic cloves and crumble them well. Do the same with the half of the onion.
Cut the leaf of aloe. For the garlic poultice, it is best to take an aloe that has a lot of thorns, take a small piece of beeswax (the size of a quail egg), then arrange all in the bowl. Add one spoon of melted butter to the mixture. Put on a weak fire and let it boil. Hold for a minute, then take off the fire, crush and mix. Cool it and put on painful places as compress overnight.

Garlic tea against rheumatism and bone ache

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Benefits of garlic on Musculoskeletal system diseases

benefits of garlicArthritis is an inflammation of the joints, and the common disease of the joints is arthrosis. There are more types of arthrosis. Thus eg osteoarthritis manifests itself in the old age and often causes nodular thickening of the finite phalanxes of the hand. A disease is most commonly manifested in weak pain and crackling during movement and usually does not progress. Read on to find out what are the benefits of garlic on Musculoskeletal system diseases and connective tissue.

Rheumatoid arthritis usually begins in the middle age and may worsen. Blood vessels are gradually deforming and muscle atrophy may occur.

Pain in the bones is manifested mainly in men with sharp attacks of pain and swelling of the thumb, of the hip, ankle joint or knee. Continue reading

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Garlic cleansing elixir

cleansing elixirHow to make garlic cleansing elixir? Take healthy and firm garlic, squash it, mix it with yolk. Here is important to adhere to the relation: 5 parts of garlic, 1 part of yolk.

Then it takes a mixture of garlic and yolk to put on a weak fire and dry it. Beat the mixture into a powder and pour with the 15 parts of vodka or brandy.

Then add one part of fried and ground sesame. Stir and add 2 parts of honey. Stir everything well again and put in a refrigerator where the elixir needs to mature for half a year. It should be occasionally stirred (at least once a day or every other day).

After 6 months, pour off the surface layer in a dark bottle – that is a healing elixir that does not lag behind the ginseng.

Take the elixir as far as necessary until the symptoms of the disease pass, take 20 drops that need to be diluted with 5 parts of water, three times a day, half an hour before the meal.

Garlic against food poisoning

Take two glasses of garlic tea at once, and if the patient likes the liquid solution more, then 45
drops of syrup at once – ie two tablespoons.

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Liver cleanse

liver cleanseThis organ is extremely important for health and deserves special attention. Can we talk about the organism cleanse without talking about how to do the liver cleanse? Nowadays doctors never prescribe strong medicines until they find out in what condition the liver is.

One organ can be cured but if liver damage is done – then everything is failed – complete treatment should be renewed or treatment will be prolonged. As you may know, the liver is the key to our health because it manages the proper balance of the collection and expulsion of harmful substances and elements. Continue reading

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Garlic against atherosclerosis

Garlic against atherosclerosisSquash a few heads of garlic to make 100g of porridge. Pour with 150g vodka or brandy. Leave in a dark place for at least two weeks. Filtrate. Take 25 drops, melt them in a quarter of a glass of milk, three times a day. This is how you use garlic against atherosclerosis. In order to increase the effect of garlic against atherosclerosis preparations on the blood vessels, it is advised to have a daily ten-minutes simple massage of hands. This massage is comfortable, can be done at work, on public transport, and of course in the home. But the benefits of that massage are enormous. Massage of hands have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and blood system, improves breathing and circulation, establishes balance and optimum rhythm of all organs, strengthens the entire body’s muscles. Continue reading

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