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Hemorrhoids – Garlic bath against hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids - garlic bathTake the head of garlic, clean it, finely chop and mix with half a liter of milk. Mix the healing drug in the pot where you can crouch. It needs to sit for 20 minutes. Such hemorrhoids – garlic bath should be used continuously for 7-10 days.

Steam of garlic for hemorrhoid healing

Put the heated brick in the washbowl, and put chopped garlic on it. Then cover the washbowl with a lid that has a small hole in the center. Through this hole, the healing steam should pair in the diseased place.

Now let’s say something about widespread and severe illness such as arteriosclerosis. Continue reading

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Garlic heart recipes, for better health

garlic heart recipesThe first of garlic heart recipes: Crush in a squashy mass, 1 cleaned head of garlic. Then overflow it with 0.25l unrefined sunflower oil. Leave the mixture to stand for 24 hours and then it is ready for use. Keep it in a cool place, but not in the fridge. Take one teaspoon three times a day, half an hour before meals. Do the therapy for two months and then make one month break. If necessary, repeat.
If you are suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure), then, the following simple tip will help you: Continue reading

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Garlic good for heart health

garlic good for heart healthHeart diseases nowadays give the most pain to humanity. Unfortunately, according to World Health Organization data, they are the cause of the greatest number of deaths. The heart should be guarded. We’ve already talked about a compound called Ajoene that was discovered not so long ago. We mentioned that it dilutes blood, prevents the creation of clots, thrombus. It’s about our heart, blood vessels, and how to fight against thrombophlebitis and sick veins. Is garlic good for heart health?

We all know we should eat low-cholesterol foods. Cholesterol is a sworn enemy of our body. It causes metabolism disorders, accumulating blood platelets in the blood vessels, the heart begins to work poorly, it is also possible to earn stenocardia, and about the thickness, we don’t have to even talk about. Continue reading

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Natural whooping cough treatment

Natural whooping cough treatmentWhooping cough (also known as pertussis) is an infectious disease, and usually, children suffer from it. However, in recent years, the number of patients has increased, even among adults. In these cases, if the disease is not immediately diagnosed, it can lead to chronic problems. We will find here about natural whooping cough treatment.

The folk remedy is following: take the medium sized garlic head, tear off 5-6 cloves, crush it into a pestle or finely chop.
Pour a glass of fresh unpasteurized milk on the garlic and leave it shortly to boil. Drink in the morning, before each meal and in the evening. Continue reading

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Infection and garlic, official medicine

infection and garlicAccording to official medicine, garlic has the ability to cope with the most persistent infections. Infection and garlic.
By putting the wraps of garlic on wounds, English physicians in the 2nd World War managed to fight with the gangrene. Garlic saved then many people. In India, in fighting against one of the heaviest infections – leprosy, garlic has been very successful.

In 1980, a prominent Chinese medical journal announced that the garlic therapy mitigated the suffering of meningitis patients. They used capsules with garlic as well as injections. Virologists from Michigan during laboratory experiments got a stunning result: garlic reduces poliomyelitis by 64% in mice. Continue reading

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Juice of Garlic

juice of garlicThis recipe is simple but very effective. Juice of Garlic, plantain, and honey taking two times per day by next schedule: First five days – 10 drops of garlic juice at once. Second five days – 20 drops of garlic juice at once. Third five days – 30 drops of garlic juice at once. And so on, increasing the dose every 5 days for 10 drops. Gradually the dose can be increased to one spoon. You should drink garlic juice with the plantain juice, and in half an hour you should take a spoonful of honey. Taking this dose should continue for a certain time. It should then be gradually reduced and returned to the original 10 drops. After that, you should stop drinking the garlic juice, and continue to drink the plantain juice during the one year. Continue reading

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Garlic healthy recipes must have

We will list some garlic healthy recipes whose efficiency should not be doubted.

Garlic oil, a contemporary recipe

garlic healthy recipesClean two heads of fresh garlic, chop finely and crush with a wooden pestle. Place the resulting mixture in a glass pan and pour over with olive oil (about half of the glass). Carefully stir, put the jar in a bright place and hold it there for a ten days. Two to three times a day the mixture should be stirred.

After ten days the oil should be carefully filtered, and add a drop of purified glycerin (can be bought in pharmacies), move into a bottle of dark color, well closed and store in the refrigerator. Continue reading

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Garlic tea recipe

garlic tea recipeTea contains more mineral salts and therefore it is advised to use it in colds, infections, and inflammation. To prepare tea, pour two glasses of water into the enameled bowl and put on a light fire. As soon as the water boils, add a teaspoon of chopped garlic and leave for a few minutes to cook. Remove the bowl from the stove and leave the tea to stand for a while. And now remains only to filtrate this great cure. This garlic tea recipe is very powerful, so garlic tea can only be taken two or three times a day (within 4-5 hours). And another note: tea should not be prepared in larger quantities.
Only drink fresh!

Continue reading

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