Natural home remedies

Homemade Natural remedies that works

Eggs with garlic

eggs with garlic, garlic sauceEggs boil for 5 minutes and clean them until they are hot. Melt the butter in a deeper bowl, put on the eggs, cover the bowl, and fry for three minutes with a steady movement of the bowl, so that it does not over fried. Then remove the eggs, cut them into the half, put on the plate and salt them. In melted butter add finely chopped garlic, salt, 2 tablespoons water and boil for 2 minutes. Use this mixture to pour over eggs. Serve with cream and season it as you wish. This is eggs with garlic recipe.



Garlic sauce

4 garlic cloves, 2 raw egg yolks, 1/3 glass of oil, 2 tablespoons water, salt, lemon juice. Crush the garlic with salt, add egg yolks, and then easily add lemon juice, oil, and salt as per your taste. This sauce is dense and perfect for vegetable salads. It can completely replace mayonnaise.

Black radish salad with pickles

200g of black radish, 150g of pickled cucumbers, 1/2 cups of cream, dill, salt, sugar according to taste.
Clean the radish and grate it. Salt it, add a little sugar and shake it several times to release the juice. Then pour off the juice, add the pickles sliced into rings and season with sauce.

Potato puree with garlic

Requires: 4 sliced potatoes, 1 cup of milk, parsley, 1 glass of cleaned garlic, 2 tablespoons butter. Salt and pepper.
Cook potatoes in salt water, pour out the water and stir potato with butter. While the potatoes are cooking, lightly warm the milk with garlic and cook until the garlic completely softens (30 minutes). Then stir garlic or blend it. Add to the stirred potatoes. Salt and pepper up according to taste.

A refreshing black radish salad

1 small black radish, 1 medium carrot, 1 apple, 3-4 garlic cloves, half a lemon, half a spoonful of dried lemon peel powder. Vegetables should be well washed, cleaned and grated. Then add garlic and lemon crust into each and finally pour lemon juice.

Horseradish salad

1 bigger carrot, 1/2 horseradish root, 1 apple, one-third of lemon, 2 teaspoons of powdered sugar, a pinch of salt.
Grate the vegetables and apple, then add the grated lemon and mix it all.

Salad with nuts

1 medium carrot, 1 black radish, 5-6 walnuts, 1/4 lemon, 4 cloves of garlic.
Finely grate the vegetables, grind the walnuts, crush the garlic, mix everything and sprinkle with lemon juice. This salad is great for breakfast.

Sulfur source, Onion

sulfur source rich onionNow we will pay attention to another product that is also a sulfur source, onion. There are over 400 species of onions. However, only 10 types of onions are native varieties, and almost half is wild.
The most widespread sort of onion is an ordinary onion that can be sweet, half-sweet and hot.
Hot onion varieties are used for onion tea, soups, sauces, fish dishes, meat and vegetables, and sweet varieties are great for salads, sandwiches and cold appetizers.
In the onion, there are carotene, organic acids, iron salts, vitamins C and B1, phytoncides. Onion fights with infections in the organism increase immunity and healing burns, dysentery and heart disease. Continue reading

Slightly salted garlic recipe

salted garlic recipeSplit the garlic in cloves and clean.
Prepare the brine in the following ratio: 80g garlic to 1l of boiling water. On the bottom of the glass jar of 3l, put a few leaves of black currant, cherry, dill, and horseradish. Then put 1 kilogram of prepared garlic in the pot and pour over the brine to completely cover the garlic.
Wrap a glass jar with a double layer of gauze and leave in a warm place for 5 days. After that, the garlic is ready for use. That was a slightly salted garlic recipe. Continue reading

Sulfides in garlic

sulfides in marinated garlicIn this chapter, we paid attention to fresh salads and garlic dishes. Because any salad, whether it is of garlic, leek, etc., can be considered as therapy with sulfides. And that means it is the great prevention of colds, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis or arthrosis. And a good body cleansing agent. Continue reading

Youth Elixir

youth elixirTake 350 g of garlic, chop it thinly and crush. Then, take the 200g from the bottom (where all the garlic juice is collected), put in a glass bowl and pour 200g of medical alcohol. Close the bowl well and keep it in the dark place for ten days.
Then strain the mixture and add 50g bee honey and 30g 20% alcoholic propolis extract. Mix all well so that the honey is completely dissolved. Then put the preparation back into the dark place.
After two or three days, this “Youth elixir” can be used.
Drink it 15 – 20 minutes before eating, pouring several drops into a quarter of a glass of cold milk in the strictly stated order. Continue reading

Lung and bronchial disease

There is a natural home remedy that has a tradition of more than five hundred years. And it can certainly help with lung and bronchial disease.

Agent against breath loss

Lung and bronchial diseaseGrind or squash 400 g of garlic. Select and carefully clean the white membrane on 24 lemons and squeeze the juice from them.
Mix lemon juice with ground garlic and place in a large bottle that should be kept in the dark place for 24 days. It’s best to wrap a bottle with a dark cloth.
When the liquid is over, take it once a day before sleep by diluting 1 tablespoon of the mixture in half a glass of cold water. After two weeks you will sleep well, you will feel blithe and will significantly reduce the loss of breath.
It should be added that this recipe is unique. In addition to garlic, in the mixture is also lemon, ie ascorbic acid, fruit acids, and they are an excellent stimulator for the organism. Continue reading

Garlic healing bath

healing bath garlicTo prepare a garlic healing bath, it is necessary to crush 30 garlic cloves, put them in a bowl and pour 10 liters of boiling water. Cover the bowl and leave it for 6-8 hours. The obtained tea needs to be heated again (not boiling). Pour into the bowl and pour the ordinary hot water in, to the required level.

If you want to completely bathe, the ratio between the tea of garlic and water should be 1: 6. If you are sitting then 1: 3, and if you just want to wash your legs or hands 1: 7. Hot and warm baths of garlic can irritate, so be careful and do not overdo it. And cold baths are acting soothing. Continue reading

Garlic remedies, cold extract of garlic

garlic remediesIt is about the garlic basted with the cold water so that no oils containing vitamins and sulfur salts can be extracted from it. This fluid should be left to stand for 16 hours. In no case should this be done in a metal pot! The place to store the finished extract should be cold and dark. After 16 hours the extract is finished and you have great garlic remedies.

The extract can also be prepared with a mixer. Put 6-8 cloves of chopped garlic in two glasses of water and mix with a mixer. The mixture should remain overnight to be ready for use. Continue reading

Garlic home remedies

garlic home remedies

We talk here about garlic home remedies and recipes that should help in treating the colds and flu. Garlic has shown promise as a treatment for preventing colds and also the respiratory disorder. Studies have shown that garlic reduces the danger of becoming sick in the 1st place, also how long you stay sick. If you regularly get sick with a cold or influenza, consumption of garlic will help cut back your symptoms or stop your sickness entirely. Bellow are some recipes of garlic home remedies, hope it will be helpful. Here you can find some more recipes regarding breathing problems. Continue reading

Breathing problems, garlic baths against the colds and flu

Breathing problems how garlic can helpBreathing problems: Garlic baths are made from parts of garlic tea and bath water in a ratio of 1: 3. The water temperature is +35 to + 45 ° C, ie the bath is either warm or hot. It should last for a few minutes (not longer than 5!) Because the body can be very disturbed. After the bath, it’s good to take a shower with the warm water (the water temperature should be lower than the one used for the bath), and then it needs to be well warmed in the bed.
Note: This recipe does not advise those who have heart problems. They can only afford a garlic bath of for their hands and feet. This recipe has already been mentioned in the chapter on cardiovascular disease, but it is also effective on colds. Continue reading

The information on this blog/website is intended for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult a physician.
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